Renew your licence

You must renew a photocard licence every 10 years.

Your new licence will be valid from the date your application is approved, not from the expiry date of your current licence.

Before you start please have available

  • Your licence number
  • Your correct addresses and post codes for the past 3 years.
  • Your National Insurance number and Passport Number if you know them.
  • A suitable form of payment for which you are authorised to use

And be able to confirm that

  • You are a resident of Great Britain. This site services UK mainland only, there is a separate service for Northern Ireland.
  • You are not be banned from driving

How long it takes

There are extensive delays, in some cases up to 10 weeks for the processing of licences. On successful completion of your information change request, you will be e mailed a tracking number to follow the progress of your application and when to anticipate receipt of new documents.

Personal Data

  • No personal data is transferred to any third party other than the relevant issuing authority.
  • Personal data is deleted as soon as practicable following the completion of the process, successful and unsuccessful.
  • We are committed to upholding the security of your data.
  • We use industry standard security technology and practices to safeguard your data from any unauthorised access.
  • Your data is strictly managed in accordance with our robust Privacy Policy

Service Agreement

  • Our service thoroughly checks your application for any mistakes or omissions before being processed on your behalf. This ensures your application is completed as quickly as possible with minimal delay.
  • You can renew your licence directly without our check and process service. The charges applicable to using the services of this website and clearly shown on every page of this website and explained in the Terms and Conditions

Our Services

  • Licence Renewal
  • Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed licence
  • Change the address on your licence
  • Exchange your paper licence for a photocard licence
  • Renew your licence if you are over 70 years old

Changing licence details online can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. Our uncomplicated process collects the correct information to complete the required changes.

Our Process

  • This Service collects and processes on your behalf only the required information to complete changes to your application.
  • Your information is used only to process your requested application changes, thereafter immediately and securely deleted.
  • Your payment is held as a pending charge and ONLY processed on successful completion of your application.
  • If for any reason we cannot complete your application successfully your pending payment is immediately cancelled.
  • We comply fully with the Data Protection Act.
  • Use of this website and further detail is available in our Terms and Conditions, Terms of Sale, and Privacy Statement.

Our Charges

We process your requested application changes on your behalf.

This is an independent service, not connected to or contracted by any Government Agency.

There is a £60 service charge over any applicable Government Fee for our service.

We DO NOT take our service charge UNLESS we have successfully completed your request to us.

Our Charges show as a PENDING CHARGE until your request is successfully processed.

The charge will be CANCELLED if for any reason your requested changes cannot be completed.


  • Service
    Service Charge
  • Service:Licence Renewal
    Service Charge:£60
  • Service:Replace Licence
    Service Charge:£60
  • Service:Change Address
    Service Charge:£60